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Wired & Wireless (WiFi) networking

150mbps Wireless-N USB LAN Adapter 802.11n

Get the newest WiFi connection on any computer... Laptop or desktop - just connect to a USB port.  Faster and more secure connections can be yours...  more...

Windmill Trading price: $21.95

UR-012i 802.11b USB WiFi Adapter with cable and cradle

Tiny WiFi adapter with big potential... Can be hooked up directly or via the included USB cable.  Enjoy better wireless performance and pull in weaker signals!  more...

Windmill Trading price: $13.95

LinkSys Wireless-N Notebook WiFi adapter WPC300N

Step up to the fastest WiFi networking available today. 802.11n aka Wireless-N.  This card will give up to 4x the range and up to 12x the speed of an 802.11g network card and will still connect to 802.11b and 802.11g networks. Spend less time waiting and more time surfing! Compatible with Vista too! more...

Windmill Trading price: $24.95

LinkSys Wireless-N Router WRT150N

The companion router for the PCMCIA card above. Get the fastest wireless speed possible when matching these 2 devices. Of course, other brands can also connect to this router, as can computers with older 802.11b and 802.11g wireless cards more...

Windmill Trading price: $52.95

RJ45-Cat5 Crimper/Tester Combo

Save big bucks: make your own cables of any length and test them.  Crimper and tester in one convenient package.
Can even test cable runs through walls and ceilings!

Windmill Trading price: $14.95

RJ45-Cat5 Connectors

For use with crimper/tester combo above. Why buy 1000, or even 100? Available in quantities of 25 and 50! more...

Windmill Trading price: from $4.95

Compex 10/100 PCI Network Interface Card (NIC)

Add network connectivity to your system or speed up your old network card! This Compex RE100TX network interface card features the reliable RTL8139C chipset and offers 10/100 Mbps operations! At 100mbps that's a full 10x times faster than your old 10mpbs card...  Comes with driver disk and installation instructions.  more...

Windmill Trading price: $7.95

Hawking HWL-1 WiFi Finder

No need to fire up your laptop JUST to see if there's a WiFi network. Use this powerful WiFi finder instead! Detects the presence of both 802.11b and 802.11g networks and saves you time and batteries on your laptop. With WiFi access points now all over the place, you can't do without a reliable detector. This is the one to have.  more...

Windmill Trading price: $11.95


Windmill Trading Home > The Store > USB
USB Hubs / Cables Λ

7 Port USB 2.0 AC Powered Hub w/LEDs and 1,000mA Power Supply

A very versatile power USB 2.0 hub that will have your power-hungry devices connected in no time.  Low profile, comes with 1,000mA AC adapter and features 8 multi-colored LEDs.  Can even be used as stand-alone charger for your iPod or other battery-operated device that needs a USB link to be charged... On top of that, it's magicJack compatible!  more...

Windmill Trading price: $17.95

Superslim 4 Port USB 2.0 AC Powered Hub with 2,000mA Power Supply
- MagicJack compatible!

Outperforming all larger hubs with more ports, this shiny black and chrome metal USB hub takes up very little room but packs a punch. You will not find a USB 2.0 hub with a more powerful AC supply than this one... A whopping TWO THOUSAND MILLI-AMPS! Works great with magicJack and solves any power problems you may have encountered with that revolutionary VOIP device... (this hub is even recommended by MJ Live Chat Support!) more...

Windmill Trading price: $19.95

USB 2.0 Converter Set

Have all the USB cables you'll ever need in one easy package, all together in a soft case. Includes a 4-foot extension cable too!  more...

Windmill Trading price: $12.95

USB 2.0 extension cord, 3', A to A, M/F

Steel braiding and molded-on plugs makes this 3' extension cord the one you will use for years to come...  more...

Windmill Trading price: $2.45

Kingston DTI 1Gb DataTraveler USB 2.0 Flash Drive

You can entrust your valuable files to a flash drive from the leader in flash memory.  Dust cover attaches to back of drive to prevent loss, USB 2.0 for maximum speed and a large 1Gb (=1,000Mb!) storage size  more...

Windmill Trading price: $12.95

Replacement 1,000mA AC Power Supply

Need to get another AC power supply for your 7-port hub? This is probably the only hub you can get online that offers replacement power supplies. Get yours here! more...

Windmill Trading price: $7.95

Replacement 2,000mA AC Power Supply

Need to get another AC power supply for your 4-port hub? Get yours here! more...

Windmill Trading price: $7.95

Windmill Trading Home > The Store > Cameras and Accessories
Cameras and Accessories Λ

12" Augen Digital LCD Photo Frame - Cherry Wood

Beautiful, high-resolution digital photo frame with remote control and real cherry wood frame. No better way to show off your digital pictures! Liberate your digital photos and showcase them in this beautiful multi-function frame that features slideshows as well. Maybe the best part is that, besides from camera flash cards, it will also read pictures from a USB STICK aka Flash Drive! more...

Windmill Trading price: $139.95

7" Polaroid Wide-screen Digital LCD Photo Frame with 3 interchangeable borders

This Polaroid-brand frame comes with easily interchangeable borders in Ebony, Cherry and Maple to suit any decor. Unit can be wall-mounted horizontally or vertically, features a slideshow mode and has a remote control as well! Reads Secure Digital, Sony Memeory Stick, MMC cards and even has USB connectivity! more...

Windmill Trading price: $44.95

Kodak EasyShare C713 Digital Camera with Image Stabilization

A point and shoot camera with image stabilization. Kodak's EasyShare C713 offers a host of advantage that make shooting great pictures easier than ever. Free with purchase: a very informative eBook about taking better pictures.   more...

Windmill Trading price: $79.95

53" Aluminum Tripod with handy travel carrying bag

Aluminum construction makes this tripod study and lightweight at the same time! And the sturdy, weatherproof nylon carrying bag allows you take it with you without the fear of hitting others as you walk in a crowd while at the same time ensuring the tripod will look good for years to come!  more...

Windmill Trading price: $14.95

1Gb Secure Digital Card - Kingston

This Kingston brand 1 GB Secure Digital (SD) card is fully plug and play and is compatible with all digital cameras, music players, digital camcorders, handheld PCs or mobile phones that use the SD format!   more...

Windmill Trading price: $13.95

1Gb Compact Flash Card - Lexar

Lexar is one of the premier makers of flash memory. This 1 GB Compact Flash (SD) card is fully plug and play and is compatible with all digital cameras, music players, digital camcorders, handheld PCs or mobile phones that use the CD format!   more...

Windmill Trading price: $17.95


Windmill Trading Home > The Store > Gadgets & Gizmos
Gadgets & Gizmos Λ

Digital Golf Scope Range Distance Finder

No more guessing how far the green is and which club you should use...  It's nearly cheating, that's how easy it now is to know exactly how far that green really is and use the right club...for less than your greens fees!  HOWEVER....  this unit can do more. Put it in "General Mode" and it will measure the distance to ANY object! Use it for golfing, archery, target practice, hunting...  more...

Windmill Trading price: $38.95

Humminbird Sonar Fish Finder 565

Perfect balance between technology and price. An ultra-high resolution screen (640x320!) guides you to where fish are. They can swim, but they can not hide. Comes with 60 degree wide-view sonar transducer and a precision 20 degree beam to make this unit very versatile. Transducer can be hull or transom mounted.  more...

Windmill Trading price: 194.95

Humminbird Sonar Fish Finder 778C

This is NOT the way your grandfather taught you how to fish.  It's not even how you FATHER taught you to fish, either...  No. This is 21st century technology in a consumer-friendly package. The fish don't stand a chance; there's nowhere to hide!  Check out the many features of this advanced, professional fish finder! more...

Windmill Trading price: $459.95

Humminbird Sonar Fish Finder 788C with external GPS receiver

Fish finding to the extreme. The poor fish have nowhere to hide and you'll never get lost. Combines advanced sonar fish finding capabilities with the precision of GPS technology. more...

Windmill Trading price: $588.95

JVC Active Noise Canceling Headphones HA-NC250

Enjoy your music the way it was meant to: in silence. JVC has developed this set of active noise canceling headphones with superior characteristics that make stand out from the the rest... more...

Windmill Trading price:$113.95

TiVo TCD652160 HD DVR 180 Hours

The next frontier in Digital Video Recording: High Definition. The TiVo HD DVR features true 1080p HD recording, not some up-converted signal. This is the real deal. Limited supply, so don't wait too long....more...

Windmill Trading price:$294.95

TiVo Series 3 HD DVR 300 Hours TCD648250B

Watch a recorded show while your TiVo records 2 more at the same time from 2 different channels! Oh, the luxury.
Networkable, THX certified, High Definition, all the bells and whistles!

Windmill Trading price:$474.95

Portable Mini USB Business Card Scanner

Take charge of those business cards on your desk in piles. Scan them and actually USE the contacts you have. This scanner will read cards in 7 different languages, comes with its own database and also connects with Outlook, Outlook Express and many other programs.  more...

Windmill Trading price:$44.95

Remote Control  (RC) Car

Every kid should have at least remote control car. OK, that goes for adults too! Good for hours of fun, comes with 27Mhz remote control unit. Available in black, red, blue and yellow.  more...

Windmill Trading price: $13.45

Windmill Trading Home > The Store > GPS Systems
GPS Systems Λ

Teletype WorldNav 3300 Professional Truck/Bus/RV GPS system

When you drive a big rig, you need to have professional tools to stay on track and on course! Teletype makes  the WorldNav range of professional GPS systems with the latest NavTec map databases, geared toward the unique requirements of large vehicles. With features such as automatic routing based on length & height of your rig and local restrictions, this unit is indispensable in the cab.. more...

Windmill Trading price: $359.95

Teletype WorldNav 7100 Professional Truck/Bus/RV GPS system with backup camera input

As powerful as the 3300, but with a screen twice a large. Adds backup camera input as well. more...

Windmill Trading price: $499.95

Teletype WorldNav 7200 Professional Truck/Bus/RV GPS system with BlueTooth &  FM

The top of the line, crme de la crme of professional GPS systems. Bluetooth enabled, FM transmission of GPS directions over the radio, external antenna input and automatic rearview camera detection. Teletype's Top of the Line GPS.  more...

Windmill Trading price: $689.95

Rearview / Backup / Security Camera for 7" WorldNav systems

The perfect add-on for either the 7100 or 7200 7" Teletype GPS. With 18 infrared LEDs nightvision is guaranteed. Waterproof with a wide temperature operating range ensure it will always work, no matter the weather. Comes with 100 feet of extension cable to suit any rig.  more...

Windmill Trading price: 338.95


Windmill Trading Home > The Store > Laptops
Laptops Λ

Toshiba Satellite A135-S4467 1.6GHz 1GB SDRAM 160GB HD DVDRW
15.4" W-I-D-E-screen Tru-Brite LCD

One sweet laptop that has it just about all... 1.6 Ghz T5200 processor with Centrino Due technology, 15.4" w i d e  screen LCD, gigantic 160Gb hard drive, DVD-RW drive, 1GB RAM... too much to list in this small space.  Click "more' to all the specs on this great deal!   more...

Windmill Trading price: $908.50


Windmill Trading Home > The Store > Desktops
Desktops Λ

Compaq SR2013WM Athlon 64 3800+ 512MB 160GB DVDRW XP MCE

This Compaq Presario SR2013WM Media Center PC is powered by an AMD Athlon 64 3800+ processor and 512 MB DDR2 RAM. The 160 GB SATA hard drive provides extra storage space for your files, digital photos, videos and music and is preloaded with Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005!   more...

Windmill Trading price: $379.95

Compaq SR2011WM Celeron 3.2Ghz 512MB 80GB CDRW/DVD XP MCE

A great system to start a media entertainment center!  With a genuine Intel Celeron at 3.2Ghz, this system packs enough power to get you going.  Integrated Ethernet adapter to access the web, 512Mb RAM and more...

Windmill Trading price: $354.95


Windmill Trading Home > The Store > Monitors
LCD Monitors & TV's Λ

20" Sylvania Widescreen TFT LCD Monitor

Enjoy true widescreen on your desk with this Sylvania monitor.  With a whopping 800:1 contrast ratio, everything looks so much better than ever before! more...

Windmill Trading price: $229.95

20.1" Soyo Widescreen TFT LCD Monitor

Caviar-style widescreen viewing on a shrimp budget. Built-in speakers, 800:1 contrast ratio,  fast 8ms  response time... What's not to love? more...

Windmill Trading price: $212.95

22" Sylvania Widescreen TFT LCD Monitor

Beautiful in black!  Same specs as the monitor above, except that it's even 10% larger! more...

Windmill Trading price: $269.95


Windmill Trading Home > The Store > Video Cards
Video Cards Λ

ATI Rage XL/PRO 8MB PCI Video Card

Great upgrade for a desktop with an older video card.  Inexpensive, yet highly capable this card can display resolutions up to 1600x1200.  more...

Windmill Trading price: $14.45

AOpen nVidia 7300LU 256MB w/TV out PCI  Express

A very affordable video card with TV out, 256MB RAM, a dedicated GPU that includes a pixel shader and more!
PCI -Express interface.

Windmill Trading price: $31

ATI Rage Mobility AGP 2X with TV out

Video card with a genuine video-out port to hook up to your TV.  This ATI card comes with AGP 2X interface and 8Mb memory as well. more...

Windmill Trading price: $10.95


Windmill Trading Home > The Store > Printers
Printers Λ

Lexmark Z845 USB Compact Color Jet Printer

Get high-definition printing with the space saving Lexmark Z735 color inkjet printer! The Z735 can print up to 24 pages per minutes in black and 15 pages per minutes in color with a print resolution up to 4800 dpi on photo paper in best mode.   Even comes with great software to get the most of your photo printing. And above all that: it's VISTA compatible! more...

Windmill Trading price: $48.95

USB 2.0 Printer Cable, 10'

If you need a longer USB cable than what came with your printer, here's a nice one...  more...

Windmill Trading price: $1.25

Printer Parallel Cable, Bi-Directional IEEE1284, 6' or 10'

Increasingly difficult to find as most new printers these days use only USB connectivity, I have a limited supply of  6' and 10' bi-directional parallel printer cables (aka Centronics cables) more...

Windmill Trading price: $2.45


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