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7 Port AC Powered USB 2.0 Hub with LEDs

magicJack compatible!

MJ Live Chat Support even recommends this hub
and our 4 port hub as well
when you have power problems.

No other USB hub is
guaranteed to work with
your magicJack VOIP device

12 Months
Replacement Warranty



Windmill Trading price: $17.95


You've tried all the cheap hubs with wimpy power supplies...
Probably wasted a bunch of money on them, too.
Here's an AC powered USB hub that will not disappoint you. Guaranteed!

Low profile & full 480mbps speed on all ports, with the ability to feed your power-hungry peripherals and magicJack too!

  • Independently powered so ALL your USB devices will work at the same time!

  • Light up your world with 8 LEDs & stand out from the crowd!

  • AC Power Supply puts out an astonishing 1,000mA

Low Profile powered 7-port USB 2.0 hub with cable, AC power supply & multi-colored LEDs for every port.

Many of today's USB powered peripherals need more power than the computer can muster alone.  For those devices, you need a powered USB hub like this one.

Stop reaching behind your computer to find an available USB connection.  This hub will multiply any USB (version 1.1 or 2) into 7 new connections, each at full speed.  Why limit yourself with a 4 or 5-port hub when for the same price you can get 7 ports and LEDs to boot?

It comes with its own power supply (suitable for both 110V and 220-240V) for those devices that need that extra bit of power (power supply is not required for use, hub will work fine without it. However: magicJack USERS NEED TO USE THE POWERSUPPLY!).

Hook it up and multiply just a single available USB port into 7 powered USB ports, capable of powering today's power-hungry devices.

iPods and other USB charged devices
You can even use this powered hub to charge your iPod, camera and anything else that you'd normally hook up to USB to charge. Why would you do that, you ask? The advantage is that you do not need to keep your computer on JUST to charge your device...  Saves a lot of electricity. So you could even state this powered hub is "green" and "eco friendly"!

  • Can be used as bus-powered or self-powered hub

  • Low-profile, compact design fits anywhere: not even 3/4" tall!

  • Transparent design with 8 multi-colored LEDs that light up when the hub is connected

  • SEVEN USB ports, all powered, plus one upstream port

  • Over-current detection and protection for each downstream port

  • Can daisy-chain up to 127 USB devices

  • Supports both USB Version 2 and the older 1.1 and will match speeds as required

  • Up to 480Mbps (also supports 1.5 & 12 Mbps speeds)

  • Supports hot-swapping, no need to shut down computer when swapping devices

  • Length of power cord: 55".  Length of supplied USB A-B cable: 35"

  • AC Power Adapter is capable of delivering 1,000mA total.

This item comes with its own 35" A-B USB cable and has a full 1 year warranty.

magicJack users
Have you tried hooking your magicJack device up to a hub only to find it would not work?  Fret no more... this hub WILL work with your magicJack! I can guarantee that, because I use a magicJack myself for my personal home phone line and have used this hub in conjunction with it.  THAT's how powerful this hub is... If you're experiencing magicJack problems, though, be sure that the origin of the problem is a weak USB port on your computer. If it's something else magicJack software related, this hub will not fix THAT problem, of course! I've sold so many of these hubs to magicJack users, I've stopped counting.  NOTE: if you plan to use multiple devices in addition to the magicJack, you will have better results with the 4-port hub I carry. It comes with a 2000mA power supply, even more powerful than this one.

Quick Specs

  • 7 ports

  • 8 LEDs (one per downstream port and one for upstream) that light up when the hub is connected

  • USB Version 2 and 1.1 compatible

  • Adjusts speed dynamically

  • Supports speeds up to 480mbps

  • Dimensions: 3"x4"x3/4"

  • Compatible with Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP

  • Compatible with Mac as well

  • Max power output of AC adapter is a whopping 1000mA!

Package includes

  • 7-port hub

  • 110V -240V, 50/60Hz power supply, 1A output, 55" cable

  • USB A-B cable, 35" long


  • 1 Year replacement warranty





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Windmill Trading price: $17.95

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